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dam type: thin double curvature concrete arch with a variable radius

purpose: water supply and irrigation

height: 196.9 ft (60 m)

width at foundation: 22.2 ft (6.78 m)

width at crest 4.92 ft (1.5 m)

length of crest: 732 ft (223 m)

photo courtesy of ICOLD (#)

The construction of the dam to provide water supply and irrigation was considered necessary to improve the tourist area.
location: near Frejus, southern France

river: Reyran River

spillway (*) width: 98.43 ft (30 m)

owned by: Department of Var

construction start date: 1941

construction end date: 1959

volume of concrete in the dam: 62,661 yd3 (47,857 m3)

cost (in 1955): 580 million Francs

photo courtesy of Russ Collins, Provence-Beyond

The site for the dam was considered unsuitable by some, but the Rural Services deemed the site usable based on geological and hydrological studies. The rock foundation appeared to be watertight. The left abutment (looking upstream) is rock; a concrete wing wall had to be constructed on the right abutment for better interaction with the arch.

photo courtesy of Erich Wagner

photo courtesy of ICOLD (#)

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